Break Free Forrest

from by $$HITMERICA



Everyones looking for a place to be free
Let's get out of the city, cause I've got to be me
We'll bottle out of town with police at our backs
slick on the pavement cause I don't like cracks

and when the gangs come we'll teach our style
keep them at bay and good for a while
so we can stack up the guns and bring the boys home
make sure they know we ain't alone

And I'm running from the cops every day
so I can bring in some money to buy some hay
cause my family is starving and we gotta eat
but big brother keeps on milking those teats

Everyone I knew
died in the fire
and everyone I loved
went up higher
cause heaven is a place on earth
heaven is a place on earth

I wasn't joking when I said I'd run away
My brother said he's found a place to stay
free from all the guns and all the hate
a motherfucking utopia

and I said that you could come and live with me
cause I know that you've been longing to be free
so get in my car and we'll go for a ride
we'll break down the fence to the other side

born in this century, got nothing but time
stumbling on my words till I find some that rhyme
Just wanna tell you how much I love
the way your hair falls over your eyes


from $HRIMP MURDERER, released January 24, 2013



all rights reserved


$$HITMERICA Rochester, New York

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